“A loft is a one room home”

Our LOFT journey began in 2010 when we opened our doors, offering a curated selection of Scandinavian and Dutch brands in interior, jewelry, home accessories, and clothing. Over the past seven years, we've been on a remarkable journey of discovery, one that has led us to fall head over heels in love with Morocco, its breathtaking landscapes, its rich culture, and its warm-hearted people.

We're drawn to the beauty of the basics, natural colors, and the authenticity of raw, imperfect materials. In our pursuit of all things genuine, we've formed partnerships with sustainable, handmade brands, brands that have a compelling story to tell, or brands with a meaningful foundation.

About two years ago, our daughter Valerie went to Marrakesh on behalf of LOFT. We didn't know that this journey would turn into a love affair with the city itself. After spending two weeks in Morocco, Valerie sent us a message: "I want to live here." And so, a new chapter of our story began.

Since then, we are working together on a beautiful handmade collection from Morocco that we sell in our LOFT store.

We also love to make beautiful spaces whether it's your home, your office, or a larger project like a hotel or restaurant, we're passionate about creating interior designs that resonate with your unique style and vision.

We can’t wait to take you on our new adventure: creating our boutique hotel/riad in Marrakesh!

with love,

Wouter, Lianne, Valerie

& our LOFT team